We Dont Charge to Collect

All of our drivers are licensed waste carriers and will collect your car for FREE

We Dont Charge to Collect You don’t need to pay any collection fee, hidden charges, scrapping charges. Just leave your car or call us to pick it up for you; we will handle the rest.

Selling Damaged and Salvageable Cars

When the car is not in the condition to run for miles, selling it in time is a better option. We are here to buy your damaged and salvageable vehicles. Meet us so that we can have better collaboration.

If your car is not as damaged as part of the scrapyard, it can be salvageable. Even if a specific part of the vehicle, a generator or engine, got entirely damaged, there is a chance. Talk to one of our specialists dealing with these concerns over the years. We have indeed got you.

Collaboration made will be better than any other scrap car dealer. Here, we are offering higher rates than the actual scrap car’s value in the market place. In addition to this, bring the motorbikes, cars, and vans for different parts to be scrapped or salvageable. Your vehicle’s value in our minds depends on the condition and the vehicle’s age or its generation.

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London & the South East Scrap Car Removal

It is free , and our priorities include customer precedence. The only things required are

  • Car
  • The V5 logbook
  • The keys

Sounds promising enough

We will send the certificate of destruction to your registered address and send it to DVLA. You will go through the whole process. After a while, you can trust us with your future selling of the car and provide us with credibility.

The whole process includes the implementation of various licensed methods.

  • The first one includes the scrapping of the car after the owner’s verification
  • Then we provide legal paperwork while taking care of the scraping process
  • After that, we will safely export your scrap car to the arena.

Our enthusiasm makes it easy for you to trust our instincts. We are evolving and nurtured individuals of high devotion. Government registered area, licensed scrappers, and updated heavy machinery for scrapping cars are our providence.