FAQ Scrap Our Car Ramsgate

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process going to take?

FAQ Scrap Our Car Ramsgate You can arrange a collection period that fits your schedule after you have been contacted with a quote, so our turnaround times are normally as long or as short as you make them, we aim to do the same-day collections where possible.

How much is my scrap car worth?

Based on the make, model, age, and condition, our scrap car collectors will contact you for the best possible price for your scrap vehicle.

What do I need to pay for?

Nothing whatsoever. There are no fees for collection, admin fees, secret fees, or fees for cancellation.

What about the certificate of destruction?

The ATF will send this directly to you and when it arrives, you will need to remind the DVLA of this.

What happens to my tax, as I still have tax on the car?

You can obtain your tax back from the DVLA. Visit their website at www.dvla.gov.uk for more information.

Can you collect non-runners?

Indeed. Yes. In any scenario, from non-runners, mot failures, write offs, old vehicles, broken vehicles, rusty vehicles, SORN vehicles, or otherwise, unwanted vehicles, we want your cars!

Do I need to provide keys for my car?

Keys are not always essential. Please discuss with the salvage buyer when they call you to arrange collection.

I Have Not Heard from My Buyer, What Should I Do?

It can take around 1 hour once your quote has been passed to the valuator for them to get in contact. If this time period has passed and you still haven’t heard from them, we recommend you call us directly.

Do You Remove Other Types of Scrap?

No, we only specialize in comparing the price for scrap and salvageable vehicles.

I Can’t Find My Car on Your Website?

We have every model under 25 years old listed on our database, but if you are experiencing any problems, please call free on 08001182931 to speak with one of our dedicated customer service advisors.

My Car is not at My Home Address?

That is fine! Our collectors will pick up vehicles, from a wide array of places.

When entering the details of your vehicle just be sure to input the vehicle’s collection postcode so that we can ensure that we contact the relevant buyer who works at the location of your vehicle.

What if my car is missing parts?

All quotes are offered on the basis that the car will be supplied complete and intact. If parts have been removed or dismantled, this may mean that the valuator will need to adjust their offered price. You will be under no obligation to accept any adjusted price. In some circumstances, you may advise that they cannot collect the car due to the missing parts.

Can I keep my personalised plate?

If you have a personalised/private registration number that you want to keep, you can transfer it to another vehicle, or place it on retention, using the V314 form from the DVLA. You will need to do this before your car is collected.

Will my car be scrapped after collection?

Most cars collected through our service are scrapped and disposed of in accordance with the EU End of Life Vehicles Directive. However, if the car has the potential to be repaired (where necessary) and made legally road worthy, it may be re-used. The decision whether to scrap or re-use the vehicle will be made by the valuator once the car has been returned to their site and inspected.

Is this all legal?

All our drivers are licensed waste carriers, so your vehicle can be legally disposed of.

Your car will then be taken to an approved treatment facility (ATF) where your car will be scrapped in compliance with government laws. Your car can

be exported from time to time.

Do you take caravans?

we take some caravans

Do you take motorbike’s?


Do you sell car parts?

Unfortunately, no